The Babylonian Queen - Summer Lee

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The Babylonian Queen

by Summer Lee

Mariah, the Maiden of Mesopotamia, has an opportunity to tutor the children of the Parthian queen at the palace in Babylon. En route, she gets word that the queen has suddenly died. Now Mariah must not only become the children's tutor, but their full-time guardian as well, by order of the king.

Also along the way, Mariah falls in love with her carriage driver. Unfortunately, the widower king falls in love with her, too. Her heart, which was already torn by the son she gave up for adoption, years ago, is now further divided between love and duty. The King wants to make her into his mistress, but Mariah must keep him at arm's length and choose the best path. Adding to the secret sorrow of her lost son, his father unexpectedly shows up and makes trouble that could ruin her reputation, or worse.

THE BABYLONIAN QUEEN is the stunning story of a smart, strong woman's life in 5 A.D. Reader fans of Anita Diamant's THE RED TENT will find a new Biblical-era heroine to love in THE BABYLONIAN QUEEN.

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