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These Last Days

"Better than Magic" Daniel
"The Revelator" Revelation
"Holiness Unto the Lord" Zechariah 
Prophets Daniel, John and Zechariah had something to say to our generation. We should listen. This study is a simple introduction to their work, designed for adults that have recently embraced Christianity. 
Destruction will come when the seals on the scroll in Revelation are opened. The duties of the heavenly horsemen in Revelation are different than the ones mentioned in Zechariah. The ones in Revelation are on a mission to stop evil. The ones in Zechariah checked to see if peace had returned to earth after the Jews returned from captivity. In the last days, the Lord will send warnings with storms and wars. The Antichrist will come. People do want a worldwide human leader.
The European Union wants a great leader to lead the West. The Russians in the North want power. East is obviously China, who is becoming more powerful. There is a widespread reluctance to face up to the real problem in the Middle East. The Bible says that God chose Jerusalem as His city.
This study is non-denominational. We search all the scripture for truth. There are questions to consider:
Is Israel the center of the compass?
Are these the last days?
What does the Bible say about the end of this age?

 Daniel reads almost like our newspaper. Zechariah shows that the Messiah was also a suffering servant, referring to the cross. Revelation gives highlights of the tribulation. These three books solve some of our most puzzling questions about the end of the age and the rapture. Christians who believe the Bible is the Word of God feel a need to tell the world that Jesus Christ promised to return for His children before the Wrath of God is poured out. The Bible says a Great Tribulation is coming. We all need to pray and read our Bibles, so we will be spiritually ready. However it happens, Jesus is coming back. 

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